The Mass Consumer Celebrates

I have an unfulfillable appetite to consume and create as much words as possible. I have dozens of different blogs sent directly to my phone when they have new posts. I’ve been reading multiple different books at a time and I’ve been writing at a pace I’ve never written before. It’s built into my DNA to want to consume so I’ve been consuming words instead of booze. I don’t even care if any body reads what I write, I’m just going to keep writing. If I can be honest and revealing I think the rest will fall into place. I know I have it in me to produce a novel. I know I have it in me to maintain regular updates on this blog as well as regular updates on my newest blog Road To Self Publishing. I can write a book, keep a journal and write an interesting informative blog about self publishing. Even after all of that I think I’ll still have stuff leftover. As I find my way through the trials of my life I find myself. My voice. It gets more clear and easier to tap into. Every day that I keep pushing forward and every wall climbed is a new story to tell. They may not be the most unique stories but they are mine and from my point of view. I’m not a genius or even above average and that’s OK. I can still tell my story, my journey as I see it through my average eyes.

I got part two of my sleeve done. I love it as much as the first part, Josh is amazing at what he does. It was a good way to celebrate three months sober. For some reason now that I’ve reached this point a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Three months is a pretty significant amount of time. It’s enough time to have to go through all the things a person might go through that drives them to drink. I’ve been through a lot and I have hung in there and I’m proud of myself. I still have dreams when I sleep about getting drunk. There is still that twinge of desire when I drive past a bar or liquor store but I feel that now that I have devoted so much time to sobriety, I can’t waste it. I won’t waste it.

One comment

  1. The tattoo is fantastic. ♥ And this blog made me smile for reasons i’m not quite sure how to label. It’s kinda like i want to say that I’m proud of you, and honestly i am, but i don’t like how that’s phrased, and it also kinda inspires me to get through the bad times that are on my hands right now. And all i can say is thank you. ♥


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