Cheap Irish Beer, Diarrhea and Yeast Infections

The loud rumbling sound of an air compressor is making it hard to concentrate. I’ve already lost the thought I had that made me sit down to write. So I’ll just move along to the next one. I want start reading publicly and I guess open mic nights are probably the best place to start off. They sound pretty lame, although I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. None the less, I need to get out there and do what I think my true talent is, perform. It might just be that I know no other way but I feel like I need to hit the road like a band would. I feel like I need to do shows like a band would except in my case they’re open mic’s.

I’m having a couple issues with getting started with this. The first one being that all the open mic event listings I can find are either music based or poetry based. Although I’ve written and published a book of “poetry” I have no plans of reading any of it. Even the word itself evokes much of the same feelings in me as the words diarrhea or yeast infection do. I’m not really to fond of any of these things. The second issue I have is I can’t seem to find any decent, reliable source of open mic listings. Most of them are outdated or don’t even exist anymore and are missing current open mic’s that I know exist. So if they’re missing the ones I know of, they’re probably missing a lot more that I don’t know of.

So what do you think? Can I read my nonsensical rantings at a diarrhea, I mean poetry open mic? Also, do you know of any open mic’s? If you do, please tell me about them. Where, when, who to contact and how to contact them. All would be nice but any of this information would be much appreciated.

p.s. If you were wondering why there is an air compressor rumbling loudly after midnight, it compresses the air, that powers the machine, that makes the buttons, that we sell, to help pay the bills. So if you want to help me keep the lights on and the internet working check out our store and buy something.

p.s.s. If I’m saying open mic’s is right to make it apostrophe S or should it just be mics? Somebody tell me because I don’t know. I feel like open mics, reads more like popped can of cheap Irish beer than it does an open forum for diarrhea and yeast infections.


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