Dear World,

I am better than you think I am. I am more than average. I’m learning to accept my role as the kid you count out. I say kid because even though I am a grown ass man you still treat me like a kid. Until recently, that’s how I felt, like an insecure little kid. I felt that way because I let you make me feel that way. I accepted the doubt and insecurity you projected upon me. I believed every word you said. Even when you weren’t saying anything, I could see it in your eyes that you saw nothing in me. I believed that look and that’s how I saw myself when I looked in the mirror. Now when i look in the mirror I see the man I want to be.

I’ve already beat the things you thought I couldn’t. I’ve already accomplished things you said I wouldn’t. I’m a better writer than you wish I was. I am a better person than you thought I could be. All that weakness and insecurity that you see in me are the just things you are too afraid to see in yourself. They’re your weakness, your insecurities that you put on me to help you feel better about your self.

I only have one thing to say to you. Thank you. Thank you for making me stronger and better than you. Thank you for thinking I couldn’t because it gave me the energy to find out I CAN. Even though you didn’t know you were doing this for me, thank you.

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