You’ll be Saying WOW Every Time

I keep a list of things I would like to write on my phone so I can add to it whenever an idea comes passing through my skull. I starting keeping this least around six months ago and on average I probably add two new ideas every day. So my list is about three hundred and fifty ideas long, give or take an idea or two. Despite this massive list of ideas it’s still hard to find time to actually get to work on them. It’s safe to say the past few months have been the busiest months ever in my life. Which is not a complaint by any means, I enjoy being busy. Most of my time is spent working on and building my business. Then there is the time I’ve been spending rehearsing and getting ready to start playing live with my band Don’t Panic. These two things alone take up easily forty hours of my week. Then there is the full time job on top of all of that. So I’m busy, great! I LOVE IT! My point is it just doesn’t leave much time or energy for writing. Now if I was you reading this I know what I would be thinking. “Wow, this guys is full of excuses.” And you are absolutly right. Fuck the excuses, I’m going to write more. I’m going to write more and I will guarantee it. If more then a week passes with out a post the first person to notice and call me out on it get a free copy of my first book. So you better pay attention.

Yesterday was my birthday. I was reading last my journal entry from my birthday last year. I was in Charlotte NC, on the warped tour. I generally wasn’t to happy but I was happy to be on tour. There is something about being on tour that fuels me. Outside of just the opportunity of playing music everyday I mean. It’s the uncertainty of what’s around the next bend, the adventure you are on and the adventures that are to come. It’s the things you can’t even plan for or make up. They just happen and good or bad they are amazing adventures that can’t ever forget. They’re the stories that you will remember when you’re old that you will pass down to your grandchildren. They are the moments of your life that are hard to give justice to with just words. They are even bigger and crazier than you’re exagerated words can describe. That to me, is even more important then the music. It’s just pure adventure.

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