i refuse to fix the lower case i’s

I’ve been writing poetry again. I’m not really sure why but that’s what has been coming out of me. I suppose it does suite my personality better and the way I write. Short bursts of words. Rapid fire rhythm. Running out of words in just few lines. I write like I fuck, with a ton of passion but I finish too soon.

I’ve been really obsessing over the this idea that i have in my head that i really want to have in impact on people. I want to connect with them and touch their lives. I don’t think that my words can do that. I want them too but I’m just not that guy. I’m not the writer that scholars will be discussing in the future. None of my writing will ever be assigned reading at any school, anywhere. What can I do to have an impact, to be important, to leave a legacy. i want to be be more than just another ant in the colony.

One comment

  1. Ahh it feels good to read your blogs freaken man hasnt payed the bill in over umm 2 months and the computer i get to go on has freaken perental controles gerrrr. Even on the administrateve acount how stupid is that. Anyways I SOOO MISS TALKING TO YOU AND READING YOUR BLOGS.


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