I Have A Theory

(an old repost)

I have a theory. All girls should be sluts. Yes! I said ALL girls should be sluts. Just follow me for a minute before you starting breathing fire and write me off as a sexist pig.

I believe the current generation of young women should raise their daughters to be easy, to dress like tramps, to be whores and give head on the first date. I’m not saying mothers should let their daughters do this, oh no. I’m saying that a whole generation of mothers should make their daughters be sluts. Instead of Mom yelling at Susie for showing too much skin when she goes out on Saturday night, she’ll require her to show more!

Mom: Young lady where do you think you’re doing dressed like that?

Susie: Mom why can’t you just let me dress the way I want?

Mom: I’m your mother and I know what’s best! If you want to go out you better put on a more revealing top. Your father and I didn’t pay all that money for your belly button ring and tramp stamp for nothing! Now go back to your room and put on something more appropriate. You want to get laid don’t you!

Susie: O M G Mom STFU!

Moms should be putting their daughters on the pill and sending them off to school with a box of condoms, and demanding that they not come home for diner until they’ve used them all.

If a whole generation of Moms take one for the team and raise their daughters to be hoes, the daughters will rebel! They’ll wear more clothes, have less sex, they might even wait for marriage! Imagine a generation of young women leaving house the dressed as prostitutes, as per their mothers orders, and changing in to more conservative, less revealing attire being their parents backs. Imagine teenagers sneaking off to abstinence only parties, or Sally daring Susie NOT to make out with Sean! This could be the world we live in. Come on ladies take a chance, raise your little girls to be whores and reset the system. This is my theory and it could work.

Ok, maybe not.

One comment

  1. Ah!!! :o)) Something like the Whitehouse is doing with Iran? Diplomacy!! Might work. A good article. Took a lot a guts to write? You did it and it turned out ok…. Good read,an interesting one. Mari ana.


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