Again and Again

I want to write
Like writers write
With talent and passion
All I have is words on paper
No story just facts

The fact is I’m not a writer
Just a guy who wants to write
But cant get it right

Its all wrong
every time
And every time
Its wrong
I feel defeated

Every time life lifts me
I beat myself back down again
And I’m down
Again and again


  1. :D
    I totally agree with Pearl.
    This poem does gives you a certain emotion…
    May be because we can all feel related to it?
    In any case, I love this piece.


  2. I’ve read this several times, feeling something emotionally different each time. As long as you write, you are a writer and poems prove you’re a poet. It’s the degree of quality that is the only standard. This is a difficult poem. You did fine. Pearl


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