The Movement and the Miles

My next tour is only a few weeks away and I don’t know if I have the command over words  required to accurately describe how I feel about it. In all honesty touring has become less about the music for me and more about the adventure. It’s more about the movement and the miles. It’s the unknown of the tour that excites me and I’m very excited about this tour. I’m more excited about this tour that any of the others I’ve done.  Doing Warped Tour several times on a big fancy tour bus was awesome but it was lacking in adventure for me. Warped Tour is a lot like the movie Ground Hogs Day, everyday is exactly the same. Half the fun is the excitement and nerves that build up in the weeks before you even leave. All the logistics involved to be away from home long periods of time. The fact that we are always on a very tight budget also helps add to that nervous tension. Just as I was typing this I got a phone call informing me that the drummer that was doing the tour with us, might not be now. So now add the tension of scrambling for another drummer just a few weeks before the tour. Is it ideal that he might not be coming? No, of course not. It does worry me a bit but over all, it will be figured out just like everything else that has to be figured out and I will have my adventure no matter what. The thing about tour is there is so much to worry about when planning for it but once you’re out there and you’re doing it all your worries go away. You don’t worry about the life at home that’s on pause, you don’t worry about finances or bills, you don’t worry about your job or anything else. All you have on your mind is the miles, the shows and the adventure you are right in the middle of.


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