Twenty Nine

Today is my Twenty Ninth Birthday.  My birthday isn’t really a day of celebration for me, it’s a day of reflection.  For the better part of the last fifteen years I’ve been keeping a journal.  On my birthday I like to go back through all those notebooks and see where I was at, what I was doing/thinking on those birthdays years ago.  Sadly a good portion of the earlier notebooks have been lost or destroyed over the years. I guess I should have  been more careful with them or backed them up on the computer.  The theme I see a lot through out all of my journal writing is of not knowing myself, a sense of being lost in a world of people who’s paths seemed clear. The same questions come up time and time again. Who am I? What am I? Why am I? This year feels different. Though I don’t know if I have the words to answer those questions precisely they feel answered.  Who am I? I’m exactly who I am suppose to be. What am I? I’m a man on a journey. Why am I? I am because I choose to be.

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