Day 1 – Pittsburgh

Today is the first day of a long tour. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it but now that we are in the van it feels good. It feels right. The worries and the stress of every day life are miles behind, there’s nothing but the miles and shows ahead of me.  I’m enjoying the comfortable silence in the van. There’s no music, no small talk just four guys together in a van but alone with our thoughts. It always amazes me how quickly we fall into this silence. There is some small talk at first but it fads away fast. There is the anticipation of the unexpected, the great unpredictable adventure of the tour. There’s also the long hours of nothing but road signs flying past, endless daydreams and an eternity of crawling through your thoughts. Some people would call it boredom, I don’t. It’s like meditation and its my favorite part of tour besides the show.

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