Day 6 – Reno NV

We are driving through Nevada towards Reno. It looks like another planet out here. I’m really enjoying the scenery. We spent most of yesterdays day off driving through the Rocky Mountains. It was pretty incredible. Tonight is our first show with The Ataris and the last of the really terribly long drives. We spent close to fourteen hours in the van yesterday. With the drives being so long nothing really interesting has happened and I think maybe I’m too over tired to get real deep or philosophical. I’m finally in the swing of things, I was really struggling at first but now I feel like I can do this forever. I want to use the down time on this trip to finish my second poetry book. The working title for it right now is The Lies That Cause The Cancer. It is similar to my first book but straight forward and more honest. The writing so far is very revealing and unflattering. I, of course, could never be easy on myself.

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