Days 7, 8, 9 – Orangevale, San Fransisco, San Jose

It’s been a few days since I’ve had the chance to write. Actually that’s a lie I’ve had chances, I was either to tired or just didn’t feel like it. Reno’s show was uneventful. The show was good and we played well. It was our first show with The Ataris and it was good to see them again. It’s a good feeling being so far from home and playing shows with friends. I’m always a little uncomfortable around I don’t know well especially musicians. I’m very self conscious about how little I know about music, gear and the quality of my playing. I say this because it’s true. I’ve always been the least talented one in every band I’ve been in and the bands I’ve been in always play with other really talented bands. I’ve never been interested in practicing or study music. The performance for me is all about a feeling and being in the moment. The notes don’t matter. The Ataris are probably my favorite band to play with because they’re all very nice and I feel comfortable around them.

Orangevale was an average show. Not much stands out about it in my mind. It’s a suburb just north of Sacramento. The venue wasn’t air conditioned which made for a very hot show. Half way through our set I started to get so hot that I was getting chills and got a bit light headed. It passed though and by the end of the set I felt fine. During the day we found a park to cooked lunch on the George Foreman Grill. There was some sort of community event happening so there was dance troops and local singers performing. It was so bad it was good. It was one of those I can’t believe this is my life moments.

After the Orangevale show we drove south to San Jose. We have a friend here who we are staying with for a few days. It’s basically our home base for all the shows in the area.  We got to San Jose at three in the morning, slept for a few hours and then went to San Fransisco in the morning to check out the city before the show there. It was really great. I nerd out of this stuff. While other bands would probably go to the strip clubs and peep shows, we went and saw Lombard St. We walked around fisherman’s Wharf and pier 39, checked out the street performers and ate some fresh seafood right there on the pier. We had and awesome view of Alcatraz and we saw the sea lions hanging out. It was great. For me it doesn’t get any better. I’m sorry that these posts are all rambling list of happening instead of introspective and well written pieces. It’s hard to get my mind around all these experiences while I’m right in the middle of it.

Today we are playing in San Jose about a block from base camp which is nice. It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that. Load in isn’t until six o’clock so we decided to drive out to a state park north of the city. We hiked through a patch of red wood forest there. It was another incredible experience. The trees are massive and the forest is so quit and beautiful. It was a really nice and relaxing time. I have to go it’s almost time for load in.

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