Day 19 – Tuscon AZ

i know I’ve been home for awhile but it’s important to me that i finish out the summer tour journal. i’m leaving for another tour in about a week so my goal is to finish out the summer tour journal so i can start fresh for the fall tour.


After San Diego we headed to Arizona. We followed an interstate that hugged the Mexico border for most of the ride. A few times along the way we hit Border Patrol check points where all traffic is forced to exit through the check point. i was driving when we got to the first one and i could see some vehicles that were pull off into special spots for detailed inspection. This made me a little nervous, cops love to mess with bands. We pulled up and rolled down the windows and as soon as they saw four white guys in the van they waved us through.  We found that amusing.

As we drove it was interesting to watch the thermostat  in the van go from 75 degrees as we traveled through the mountains of California all the way up to 115 degrees as we came down into the dessert waste land of Arizona.  my first real experience with that kind of heat is when we stopped for a bathroom break at a little interstate rest stop. There was strong breeze but it was like standing in front of a giant blow dryer or sitting inside the clothes dryer on high heat.  After gasping at the intensity of heat the first thing i see as i walk towards the restrooms is a Beware of Rattle Snakes sign. This did not scare me, it got me excited. I really wanted to see a rattle snake. However, i had no such luck. The best part about the sign is it didn’t say rattle snake on it, it had a picture. Awesome!

The venue in Tuscon was Club Congress which is part of the Hotel Congress. The place looked awesome and had that old feel to it and not old like falling apart but exactly the opposite, solid and full of history. i could imagine that it looked exactly the same as when it was built 100 years ago.. This is the place where John Dillinger and his gang where captured in the late 1930’s. How fucking cool is that. If you google the place there is a lot of cool information and stories about the place. It’s apparently also haunted too but i dont believe in that kind of thing.

The show was a lot like the show at the Whiskey in Hollywood despite the history of the venue the show itself was disappointing. No amount of our energy and sweat could seem to interest them or excite them. It felt like what i could assume playing a funeral home would feel like. The most exciting part of the night there was when Rob and i were braving the heat and walking down the street to check out the town. We were walking, talking about how people use to dress back in Dillinger’s day. They wore suits all the time even in the summer dessert heat. i think it’s pretty fucking cool looking. So we are walking and talking and out of the corner of my eye i see a man walk out of a pizza joint. He’s on my right and walks behind us and for some reason i felt the need to turn back to look at him. As i did i saw him just go limp and fall face first into a metal table and some chairs. The table flipped over the chairs fell backward and this man hit the ground. He hit the ground hard enough that moist dull thud sound of his body hitting the ground resonated with in me.  He immediately starting convulsing. Some how Rob didn’t see or hear anything i had to grab his shoulder and turn him around. For a second we both kind of stood there and i thought to myself what should we do? at the same moment that Rob said it out loud. i grabbed my phone and started to dial 911 but then i looked past the guy and the employees of the Pizza joint where coming out already on the phone. Within just a few minutes there was fire trucks and ambulances pulling around the corner. That was Tuscon AZ.

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