Day 20 – Mesa AZ

We didn’t spend much time in Tucson. After the show we packed up and headed north to Mesa. Ted has a friend there and we had no place to stay in Tucson anyway.  We got to the girls house late and I was feeling pretty exhausted. Despite being so tired I didn’t get much sleep that night. I wish I could remember her name but I can’t, sorry. She was very nice and even put the air conditioning on for us but even with the AC on it was still about 90 degrees in the house. I don’t think anybody slept well that night. I kept doing that thing when you flip your pillow to get the cooler side. The next day we agreed that going to a movie would be the perfect escape from the heat.  We decided on the movie Inception. I thought it was a very good movie. It was a pleasant break from the grind of the tour. Seeing a good movie in the theater is therapeutic for me. For two hours I didn’t think about anything, didn’t worry about anything, I  just sat there and was consumed by the story.  After the movie we went to the venue. The place is called The Underground. It’s a basement venue with no air conditioning, no windows and no fans. From load in alone I knew this was going to be a hot show.

Before the show though we were lucky enough to be part of the filming for a pilot on the Food Network. Technically they were there to film The Ataris but those guys were nice enough to let us be part of it at the end.  This women who is a winner on an episode of the networks Cupcake Wars show I guess is getting her own show. I don’t know what the premise of the show is suppose to be. We got to eat a bunch of really delicious cupcakes and fish tacos. It was neat experience which would have been better if it wasn’t so damn hot in the venue. It was 110 degrees outside and it was hotter inside.

So now on a full stomach of Irish car bomb cupcakes and fish tacos it was time to play. I was already dripping with sweat before we played a single note.  By the second song my clothes were completely soaked through with sweat and by the third song I was dizzy and seeing stars. For me, this was great. For some reason the harder a show is to play the harder I want to play.  We all played really hard that night. When we were done we went outside and we were so hot that 110 degrees felt cool. It was a really intense show to play and as hot as it was inside  the crowd was great.

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