Let Life Happen

I never did finish writing the stories from my tour this past summer and fall. I don’t know why but my compulsion to write comes and goes like ocean tides and I think now I’m much to far removed from those stories. Maybe for a book some day I’ll recount the best stories from that tour.

I actually have been writing just not in my journal or on this site. I’ve been writing poetry. Shorty, shitty little poems but I enjoy writing them.  I’ve been writing like I use to write when I was in High School. Scribbling away madly into my notebooks (I’m loyal to college ruled spiral notebooks, always have been).  I feel a lot like I did when I was in High School. Lost, lonely, terrified but yet overwhelmingly excited for what might happen next.  I feel like everyday is another adventure, another challenge. I’m ready to let life happen and I hope it gives me a lot to write about.

I’m letting life happen. I don’t know when to say yes or when to say no. I don’t know when to turn or which way to go. I don’t believe in destiny. I believe we end up where we end up. There’s no wrong turns, just turns.  There is no missed opportunities. Every thing is random and pointless and this is not a bad thing. It means you can’t fuck it up. Life is great.

Took this somewhere over VA at about 38,000 ft.



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