Shameless Dancing Leads to Mass Suicide

This past New Year’s Eve was the first in a long time that I didn’t work. Instead, I played a show. We went all the way to Sumter, SC to play. It wasn’t a tour, just one show. The drive there and back was pretty uneventful just long, about 1,400 miles long. The show it’s self was a little weird. The venue was more of a dance club; the PA system was terrible and didn’t work half the set. It was a mostly forgettable experience.

There was one moment that sticks out that I found somewhat disturbing. In between bands they played dance music. During one song two people started doing this synchronized dance and then a third person, then a fourth. By the end of the song there were thirty people doing this dance. I have never seen this dance before but yet all these people knew it. It seemed very cult like to me. I instantly thought of that Hailey’s Comet cult that wore the Velcro sneakers and committed mass suicide. Warning synchronized dancing leads to mass suicide!

Another thing that I become very aware of that night is how disgusting guys are when they’re trying to pick up girls, especially the guys in the bands. It’s so obvious what they’re trying to do and I think the worst part is that it works. They more aggressive a guy is the better it works. I can’t say that I haven’t done it. I have picked up girls before. The difference is that I’m not proud of it. Have you ever had that feeling the morning after you drank too much, where you feel all the embarrassment you didn’t feel the night before? When you start to get really down on yourself and start asking yourself the questions. Why did I do that? Did I really say that? What was I thinking? Well that’s exactly the same feeling I have the morning after I pick up a girl. It makes me hate myself. I’m not cut out to be a pick up artist. I’m not shameless enough.

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