A Life Bigger Than A Pile of Trash

I spent a good part of my day sitting still, thinking in silence. Most of that thinking revolved around how meaningless my life can feel sometimes.  It’s hard for me to see life in a way that makes any sense. It’s a lot of robotic movements that take me from moment to moment and all those moments add up fast. It’s very easy to spend a year just going through the motions with out even realizing it. Sometimes a good idea pops into my head but the routine of life keeps me from following through with that idea. It’s very easy to spend a year putting off a good idea until it just becomes a hopeless day dream. Everyday I go through my robotic steps and boring routines and in between those scheduled moments I day dream. I drift into a dream of a life that’s not pointless, a life that is bigger and more important that just my own existence, a life that will still be important long after my last breath.  I want to leave behind more than just the trash I’ve created and sent to the land fill. It’s hard to not let these thoughts get me down. They do they get me down but not for long. I have to keep going, keep trying. I have to do the best I can with the time I have. That’s all I can do.

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