Fear and Loathing In The Great Outdoors

It seems like I’m living my adult life in reverse. I did the long term relationship thing right out of high school. I was engaged and lived pretty much like I was married.  Now I’m almost thirty, single and I’m renting a room in a house with four roommates. I never really had a plan for my life but if I did have a plan I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have been it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have found a place to live and I’m happy to be back in NJ. It’s just that if I did have a plan for my life at this point I’d own a house or at least have my own apartment. Unfortunately money and a credit score are preventing those things from being a reality. Tonight is my first night here and I have no furniture. I have an air mattress that leaks a few bags and my laptop. I feel like a squatter living in a room that belongs to someone else.

Until today I’ve been basically homeless for awhile. I wasn’t sleeping on the streets or anything like that but I didn’t have a place that was mine. A place where I can feel comfortable. Because of this I haven’t been writing much. Now that I’m here though I want to make sure I get into the habit early of this being my place to get work done.  I’ve been jotting down a lot of ideas and now it’s time to stop playing around and write.

My room is a wooden box. It’s very much like a small cabin at sleep away camp. I’ve never been to sleep away camp but I’ve seen all the horror films. They have to be pretty accurate right? The house looks like the log cabin in the movie The Great Outdoors and it’s right on a lake. I think it’s the perfect place for me to really become a writer finally. Up until now it’s just been a hobby that I want to be a career, like a friend that’s a girl that you want to be your girlfriend or a girlfriend who you want to be your wife but she’s not ready for the commitment yet. Anyway, I hope you are ready for mass amounts of bad grammar and poor spelling I will be sending your way.

Despite being kind of nervous and uncomfortable about my new living situation, I’m really excited about life. Today is the first day of yet another adventure and I’m looking forward to watching it unfold.

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