The best pieces of a plan are the pieces that fall apart because they make you move, they make you think. I know my plan wasn’t to be thirty and single, working in a chain restaurant ten shifts a week. To be honest I don’t remember what my plan was anymore. It fell apart a long time ago and I’ve been winging it ever since. I like where I am now the view is good from here. I can see clearly choices that have gotten me here and that’s all I really need.

I’m not far enough up the mountain yet to see what’s to come but I have the feeling that it’s just more mountain and I’m ok with that.  The future is coming whether we like it or not. Death and taxes are really the only things we can count on. All the rest, all the fun bits and bad parts are up in the air and we just pick at them and grab them as they fly by. We miss some, we drop some and we give some away. The moments we lived today, this week, this year and the total sum of all our experiences are what make us. This is who I am thirty years into this thing.

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