Huntington WV

Last night after our show in Akron OH we had no place to sleep but being the resourceful bunch that we are, we found a place. That’s the beauty of tour, you meet interesting characters, people buy you drinks, they even open their homes to you so you don’t have to sleep in your van. Sometimes these people even become your friends, the kind of friend that you keep in touch with year after year. All of this is very awesome and exciting. However, sometimes these very nice and trusting people are absolute pigs. Sometimes these people have pets; a lot of pets that they let piss all over their house. This is the situation we ended up in last night. After a while of fighting off the stench with an aerosol can of Glade and trying to hold the stench at bay by shoving a blanket under the door of the quarantine zone; aka: room we were staying, I just couldn’t take it. I had to go outside for some fresh air, which seemed like a great idea except in order to get outside I had to pass through the hot zone; aka: the kitchen. It was so bad it made me gag and throw up in my mouth. I made it outside and just started vomiting all over this girls drive way. Then Rob came outside right behind me and started laughing at me until he started vomiting too. Then we were both vomiting and laughing at each other in between heaves. This went on for at least a half hour. It couldn’t stop vomiting or laughing. What a terrible mix.

So far today has been pretty uneventful. We drove for four hours then stopped and watched the new Walking Dead episode, which was fucking awesome. Now we are sitting in the van all on our laptops doing whatever is we do on our laptops. I do this. We tried to watch Dexter but the internet is too slow. We are such rock stars aren’t we? We watch TV shows in our van. Tomorrow night’s show is canceled so tonight we are driving seven hours to Nashville and we are going to hang out there tomorrow. Still not very rock star of us. We are going to do laundry, get haircuts, and watch Dexter. I don’t even know where we go after that. How rock star is that!?!

The opening band just started which means I have to go play in a little while. This is the third show of the tour and the first sober one. After all that vomiting and because of the long drive tonight it seemed like a good idea to stick with water.  I’ll post again soon.

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