Greenville, SC

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple days, haven’t felt much like writing or playing or doing anything at all. Despite my lack of writing and blog posts this has been a very introspective tour. There has been plenty of downtime and long overnight drives to contemplate life. I feel like this tour happened at exactly the right moment. It’s in unison with the tides of my life and the tides are shifting. I have conquered a few demons along the many miles and quiet moments of this trip. I’ve also made some plans for my future. I believe they will move me up another rung on the ladder to being content. Overall, in this moment, I’m feeling pretty happy and I’m also excited about the future. Of course, I know that as the world turns, the tides will shift again. Life is a never ending ladder and it takes work to keep climbing. I just have to keep doing the best I can.

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