#WhoAreYou (part two)

The Interview (part two)

How do readers respond to how open and honest your writing is?

Of course, I want my writing to inspire people but I also don’t believe I have any authority to say how. The goal for me isn’t even to make the reader feel what I feel. I want them to feel anything at all. If I write a poem about masturbating and the reader feels empathy, then so be it. If I write a short story about Santa Clause and the reader feels disgusted, then so be it. My only fear is evoking no feeling what so ever.

At times, what you write can be very vulgar. Do you think this will change how you are perceived as a writer?

I don’t believe language should be restrictive. I’ll curse if I want to curse and I’ll write so-called vulgar things if I want to. Am I hoping to be controversial? Absolutely not! I just write what and how I want to write. The only person I worry about upsetting is my Mom.

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