The Amazingly Mediocre

In lieu of flowers
please make donations to
The Fuck-Up Society of America

i have nothing in common with
the people i once called friends
most are married
spawning the ultimate remix of themselves
living in and clinging to
what’s left of
The Amazingly Mediocre
middle class
American dream

Some friends are dead
their only contribution to
the world now is
the distorted memories
of the people that knew them
my memories are
tainted by my own imagination
or even completely created out of
bad dreams and misplaced thoughts
the memories of dead friends
influence me as my mind sees fit
facts not included
or necessary to participate

none of this is in judgment
i’m often jealous of said friends
my choices have never
and most likely never will
have me experience
such heights in life as
nor do i foresee any kind of
tragically romantic demise
in my future

what i have to look forward to is
a sub par
below average
not totally miserable
but not particularly pleasant
long and vaguely meaningful life

i accept that.

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